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                                                                Fantasy Sports: Basics & Getting Started

In Fantasy Sports pits you in a tournament (often called the League) against other players on. Here you have to you with a limited budget, the sports team of your choice together. If the players in your team get the best performance, you win.


To give you this a helpful and clear impression, we want to introduce you in chronological order the sequence of a fantasy sports league. All of this in terms of fantasy football, because football in Germany is the number one sport. 1 and are most commonly offered accordingly.

                                                                        Registration and payment offered

First, you must register with a provider of fantasy football. Registration is simple and also without obligation. Within minutes, this should be done.

Immediately after your registration you can sign up for a league of your choice. In many cases, you need this capital to your player account.This simply means that each participant pays for the reason in most leagues a certain amount in the prize pool. 


This prize pool will be distributed at the end of the league to the / the first placed participants. If you would like to deposit money into your player account, you many major payment methods are available for this. (Side note this: The provider FanTeam and Fanaments offers you a bonus of 200% on your first deposit - all information on this can be found under Find providers .) 

In addition to these tournaments with money use but also regularly (usually several times a week) offered so-called Freerolls. These tournaments require no participation fee, but nevertheless awarded money to the top-ranked participants. There are also other interesting promotions, such as. Free tournament tickets, "Refer A Friend actions" and many more. All details on these promotions can be found on the underside find suppliers on which we present the providers of fantasy sports in Germany.

                                                                          Select Fantasy Sports League

After your registration, you choose an appropriate league in which you want to play. 


These leagues may differ in a variety of points, making sure each one matching League is offered. Some of these are:

  • Participation Fee (is usually is between € 0 and € 200)
  • Duration of the league (a game day, an entire season, etc.)
  • The League, at issue (Bundesliga, Premier League, etc.)
  • The number of players, which you have set up in your team.
  • The budget, which you have for players.

                    Create your Fantasy Football Team

Now, the components of knowledge, skill and strategy come into play. Can you put together with the given budget the best fantasy football team? The screenshot below shows the mask is shown in which you can put together your team at FanTeam. In this case, you need a total of twelve players (starting + a substitute).


Since this is only to the following round of the Bundesliga, in this example, your players need to retrieve only Matchday good performances. It can be seen that the first games of this league at 30.01. (Saturday, 15:30) take place. You can leave or modify until kick-off of these games your fantasy football team accordingly. After the two games at 31.01. the league is then terminated and the participant wins the most points.

In the right pane, you can select your desired player and these "drag and drop" or double add your team. Of course you have this stay within your budget, which is in this case at 100 million dollars. From your selected actors you need to specify both a captain and a vice-captain. The captain of your points are doubled. The vice is spare man, unless the regular captain should fail shortly. In addition, you have one of the twelve players as a substitute specify which kicks in, if one of your other eleven players not playing.


Once you've compiled your team and your budget is not in the red, you can send your team.

By the way: It is also possible to repeatedly participate in the same tournament. For this you just have one more time to pay the entry fee and can send an additional team in the race then. 

                                                                    Hope and fear, that the tactics rises

After you have submitted your fantasy football team and the games have begun, it is no longer in your hand. Now you can only hope that your players get a good performance, collect any unnecessary cards and at best even meet. In FanTeam and Fanaments you the performance of your players live and watch in real time - thereby excitement and thrill is guaranteed.

                                                               The billing of your Fantasy Football Team

If the Round is completed, the performance of your players will be judged according to a standard scoring system. If that should be still unclear: The points of your fantasy players will be awarded for actions that perform the real players in real football matches. So if you have installed Player X in your fantasy team, collects these points, as long as the real players in real football game X certain actions (player X scored Goal, Player X receives a yellow card, etc.) performs.


                              Below we have shown the scoring from the fantasy football provider FanTeam.



Players played 1-59 min.


Player has played 60 min. Or more


Goal (goalkeeper or defender)


Goal (midfielder)


Goal (striker)


Goal Template


No goals (goalkeeper or defender)

4 (min. 60 min. Played)

No goals (midfielder)

1 (min. 60 min. Played)

Yellow card


Red card


goalkeeper parried

1 for three parades

Goalkeeper holding penalty


Player misses penalty


Goals conceded (goalkeeper or defender)

-1 For two goals

own goal


Bonus points, 3-star player


Bonus points, 2-star player


Bonus points, 1-star players



Points are doubled

According to these criteria, each player of your team is judged. A small example: We consider one of your established striker. 

This has played of 70 minutes (2 points) and 2 goals scored (8 points). Before closing, however, he has a Penalty Missed (-2 points) and then seen the yellow card (-1 point). In sum, that player has thus collected 7 points. Had this been your striker captain, he had collected 14 points accordingly.


Then the performance of all of your players are added up for the final result. Can all participants achieve the highest score, you win the league. (If you want to then cash out your winnings, you several payment options are also for this choice. In addition, payments expire quickly, safely and easily.

If the abovementioned example fantasy league goes through more than one game day, you put your team together for several game days.Although you can switch between by and transfer - this only to a limited extent. In this case, is also foresight asked (talents with potential etc.).


The evaluation criteria of Fanaments differ to those of FanTeam. Fanaments also evaluated duels, turnovers, etc., which all other players may look promising at Fanaments than in FanTeam. The precise allocation of points can be found on the website of Fanaments the sub-heading "Rules".

                                                                      Many "fantastic" terms - meaning

At the end of this fantasy sport-introduction, we want to take some terms more closely. This simply means that it (still) are no uniform terms for fantasy football in Germany for the reason. So it is possible that you will often confronted with the term fantasy football, which both American football and for football (British English: Football = football) can stand. Also, the term fantasy soccer is used occasionally. In addition, place in Germany frequently, such as. FanTeam offered, the term Fantasy Football application. All these four terms have ultimately the same meaning: fantasy football.


And finally, there is talk now and then also of Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS). This Fantasy sports leagues are meant which go only a few days.

We hope that you have the basics of fantasy sports and especially fantasy football now largely understood. Presumably you still have one / two open questions, which, however, all offered and / or on our bottom background knowledge to be clarified.

When you need to take off directly, you will reach here to FanTeam and here to Fanaments - the first and only provider of fantasy football in Germany. Under Find providers we provide the providers of fantasy sports currently more detail. If you would like to learn more about fantasy sports and increase your performance, then we recommend the lower background knowledge . Especially we would like you also our Forum put your heart with which you can improve your fantasy sports skills even further.


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